GEPON technology is also a part of this increasingly popular network architecture. Before getting on with GEPON, an introduction would do just fine, as where it came from. EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Networks) or GEPON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Networks), also known as Ethernet PON is an IEEE/EFM standard for using Ethernet for packet data, as defined in IEEE 802.3ah. It defines how Ethernet can be transmitted over new media types and in our context point to multipoint fiber.

                         EPON/GEPON technology is a fast Ethernet over passive optical networks which are point to multipoint fiber to the premises (FTTP)/fiber to the home (FTTH) architecture in which single optical fiber is used to serve multiple premises or users. A ‘PON’ architecture consists of an Optical Line Termination (OLT) on the provider’s side and one or many Optical Network Units (ONU) on the users’ side. This type of architecture is always better than the point to point ones. These are fast replacing existing technologies as DSL or cable modems as EPON/GEPON are capable of providing bandwidths of up to 1 gigabit and beyond and also serve multiple purposes at a time.
Internet services has truly revolutionized the world of communication and so as OXYNET will not only give you a complete peace of mind with value for your money but will serve as a complete solution to your internet communication.


“ We are committed to create our target revenues by providing latest internet technologies along with class of service.”

“ To connect every corporate customers at cost effective internet solutions . ”


Our Strength

* High standard latest technical Infrastructure.
* Gepon Dual Feed fiber Architecture in fiber delivery of ILL service Subject to technical and commercial feasibility
* 24 x 7 round the clock Service Supports .
* Committed SLA
* Transparency in customer relationship
* Dedicated quality support service 


Our salient features

    * Oxynet has designed a redundant dual core fiber network & strong backbone architecture for all the customers to offer quality internet leased line service.
* We are associated to 3 Tier-1 ISPs and created auto fell over redundancy in our core router .
* We have tried to minimize the downtime for every customer with using latest GEPON technology .
* We are supported by a team dedicated quality Support Engineers to address any queries of the customer.
* We have improvised our NOC with all modern amenities to provide quality service for all our customers.
* We are always committed to offer best class of service in very competitive rates in contrast to the customer financial planning .


Business Services

INTERNET leased line Connection
We are planning to provide the internet leased circuits to enterprise and SME corporates .

We are planning for hosting services across WB .

Oxynet will plan to operate retail and SOHO broadband to different segment of customers.

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