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Connecting the corporates with latest technology
We are firmly committed in providing new techno oriented GEPON Solution across major corporate areas with dedicated Minimised Uninterrupted Network
Connectivity requirement : Customer desire & We aspire.
Our prime priority is customer service on which we provide dual feed architecture to all the ILL customers subject to technical and commercial feasibility. We trust in our ability to deliver quality support and service in highest standards. We dedicatedly care about customer particular needs and address with best support service engineers .
. Moreover , OXYNET offers the competitive customized best rates in the market the with maintain high standards service quality. Customers can prefer us as prime internet vendor in their choice list.

  • OXYNET is among the few Internet communication company service provisioning with dual feed architecture to its end customer under GEPON TECHNOLOGY technology .
  •   All OXYNET Leased Lines link into our unparalleled infrastructure, backbone network, delivering the power and reliability that your business demands.
  • OXYNET are equipped with state-of-the art GEPON TECHNOLOGY infrastructure with multi-redundant network & systems components. The network GEPON TECHNOLOGY architecture is designed to provide the internationally recommended Internet services quality standards. OXYNET is the only independent Isp Consultant with networks designed not only for the Internet Access but also for the high quality & other IP communications like Email, Hosting, and Webcasting etc.

Advanced Infrastrure

Our state of GEPON TECHNOLOGY with DUAL FEED infrastructure of cable will provide an extension beyond products, towards complete solutions, an extension beyond transactions, towards enduring relationships.


24*7 Support

Call Oxynet Support Team at any time, 24 hours a day at no
+91-8420909111 / +91-8420905111 .
Email:- helpdesk@oxynet.co.in


Value added services 

Oxynet offers many addon Value Added Services along with the main services such as Wish Secure-a secure form of accessing the websites making sure that your computer is not watched remotely by any mechanisms. 

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